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About KeySmart

KeySmart was founded on the idea that complex problems often have simple solutions. Our founder, Michael, grew frustrated with his bulky, noisy key chain. Was a key ring really the best way to carry keys? For months, he worked on designs and prototypes for a solution. Then, in 2013, he discreetly launched a Kickstarter for a compact key organizer called KeySmart. He never expected it to raise $329,862 and grow into a company with over 50 products.

Our mission is to constantly create eye-catching, conversation-starting products. By combining premium materials with our sleek aesthetic, we create unique products that help you from your daily commute to your world travels.

With over 50+ unique products, a growing social media presence, worldwide retail distribution and many partner factories to coordinate we need a solid team. With that said, meet the KeySmart team. We’re a motley crew of midwestern men and women that joined forces to make awesome products and take group photos in our pajamas.

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