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[We use thoughtfully crafted ingredients and endless lab testing to create the most effective product to enhance your state of mind.

Unlike heat-extruded gum and mints, we use patented cold-compression technology to maintain each ingredient’s bioavailability.

Take Neuro whenever you need a little boost towards your desired state of mind, whether that means energizing up or mellowing down.

Through buccal and sublingual absorption, Neuro works more quickly than if you were to drink the ingredients. Your body can absorb the effects in as little as 5 minutes, but feel free to use it for as long as you’d like.]


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Whats Customers Are Saying About Neruo:

"Neurogum has a lot of benefits – from quick energy to being a “portable stimulant.” While it is not the most potent energy supplement on the market, it’s definitely the most convenient one. And the best caffeine gum we ever tried. That’s why we recommend Neurogum."


Having carried out an in-depth NeuroGum review, I can say that this product works as advertised. I can definitely feel my energy levels rise when I chew one or two pieces of it.

"I really can’t complain about anything so far. I have given a few to my girlfriend too and she also seems to like them although she prefers to take one capsule at a time per day."