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[Smart Tracking.

Wherever you go, Pivo Pod follows.
Never walk off screen and ruin another nearly-perfect shot again.

Take selfies and videos with a snap of a finger, striking a pose, or by simply saying “cheese.”

There’s no better way to stream but hands-free and in frame.

Broadcast live on your favorite platforms all at once.

Multiply yourself up to 15 times in the same picture or video. Be as many different versions of you as you want to be!

Take the traditional time-lapse photo to the next level with a silky smooth 360° horizontal camera pan.]


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What Others are Saying About Pivo

"Pivo makes sure that your experience is interactive, easy, and hands-free. The auto-follow modes will make your life so much easier when you are dealing with smartphone photography.

If you're an influencer or just one who likes to share with your friends online a lot, Pivo can definitely become your personal cameraman. Just say the word and action!"


"I really like the Pivo Pod, especially in my case for shooting product videos and product photography. It shoots 360-degree photos/video. The tracking feature is great and responsive enough that it allows for versatility when shooting video.

The remote works well for any distance that I have need. You also have the ability to stream live to popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and they have partnered with Ustream to allow streaming to over 30 platforms. I give this device a well done and two thumbs up!!"