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[We’re a fun-loving bunch who share the same dedication and passion for inspiring customers and helping them find, purchase, and install the truck accessories that will make them proud to be a truck owner.

A major part of our company culture stems from values we believe in, like community support and ongoing education. We’re also committed to things like honesty, integrity, and diversity because we’re only as strong as those we support.

It takes effort to be America’s #1 online truck accessory retailer, but we hold our own in employee satisfaction, too. Our employees appreciate impromptu pancake mornings, summer tailgates, and birthday parties.

Outside of work we strive to strengthen our communities through volunteer work, whether through planned company or personal initiatives.

Whether it’s tutoring children, running community art or historical programs, or bringing down the house stage at a local bar on Friday night.

Our employees are a talented bunch who are no stranger to leadership.]


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What Customers Are Saying About Real Truck:

"This product exceeded my expectations in both style, and functionality. The indented step makes it really easy to step into the vehicle. And it is sure footed. I have had two other types which in bad weather were slippery and dangerous.

This is by far the best step I have come across. Installation is a breeze for the most part and I was able to do it myself. There is one bolt that is particularly difficult to get at but a little patience gets it done."


"I love my S&B intake. It was very well engineer. Easy to instal and looks great. The intake sounds great and you can definitely tell the performance gains in the higher RPMs.

I only can compare to the K&N intake and I’d say this one is a little more heavy duty. The parts and connections are built out of better material in my opinion. Worth

the money."

-Connor D

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