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Roast Recognition
Your Spinn recognizes the roast and is programmed with specific preparation notes from our artisan roasters. Finely tuned calibration expertly prepares each nuanced cup exactly as the roaster intended.

Precision Grinding
Whole beans are ground seconds before brewing, to a specific consistency. The result is a bespoke beverage that’s expertly ground, drawn and cupped by your personal countertop barista.

G-Force Infusion
Our revolutionary centrifuge design spins filtered water and coffee grounds at speeds up to 4,500 RPMs, unlocking an intricate flavor profile far superior to that of other common preparation methods

Brew Versatility
With multiple pre-programmed options and customizable brew settings, you can craft a rich espresso, silky pour-over, or any other style of coffee, each prepared with exceptional precision and consistency.

Brilliantly Connected
Connectivity to your phone lets you press start from your desk, couch or bed. Intelligent alerts and an auto-ordering option mean no downtime; you’re always ready for the next perfect cup.

Zero Waste
Our pioneering process uses no pods or filters, meaning no waste and a fraction of cost per cup. And it spins grounds to virtually dry state-in fact, you can deposit them straight into your garden. Better for your pocketbook, better for our planet.