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[As gamers and engineers, we love leveling up. The constant evolution of our products forms the foundation of our team. We obsess over every part – every tiny detail every day.

From utilizing the most premium material to considering the nuances of your day-to-day. We strive to give you the best experience from the first touch.

Brought to life in 2015 by a mixture of computer hardware veterans, furniture specialists, designers and gamers. Our aim is to develop products catered to the sensibilities of the gaming community. By combining the full spectrum of our expertise.

Design, comfort, functionality and quality-we have it all.]


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What Customers Are Saying About Their Vertagear Chairs:

"The PL6000 is the perfect chair for larger guys that have trouble finding the right chair to fit our larger body type. I was worried about this purchase at first due to me having already tried other chairs.

I can tell you my back rest along the back of this chair perfectly and is helping my lower back pain from long hours at the computer. My larger thighs rest comfortably along the edges of the chair due to the cushions they have in this chair. Its just overall perfect and I'm extremely happy to have come across this chair!

For my larger friends out there, you just wont regret this purchase! I'm 6'4 and 380lbs"


"Everything arrived intact and ended up having a phenomenal build quality. Assembly was quick and snappy as well."


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